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Happiness is defined as “the state of mind of people who feel fully satisfied by enjoying what they want or enjoying something good”

From the Spanish Society of Prosthothodontics and Esthetic Dentistry we want to invite you to share with us our annual congress in 2021 which, precisely under the motto: towards the happy patient, wants to ratify the commitment acquired 51 years ago with the dental health and well-being of our patients.

What we wanted to mean with this motto is that we have to fight for a happy patient: without fear, without pain, aesthetically and functionally satisfied and in perfect communion with his dentist and the entire clinic team.

For this we have designed an innovative scientific program in which, in addition to prosthetics and aesthetics content such as advances in materials and digital technology – artificial intelligence included; facial rejuvenation techniques as a framework for the smile and aesthetics or dental cosmetics based on dental movements, there will also be sessions that will deal with some more generic, more humanistic topics, related to the well-being and health of both the patient and their own professionals. We will take special care of aspects related to the family conciliation of the dentist, ergonomics at work, the physical and psychosocial consequences derived from the activity itself, etc.

Another innovation of this congress with respect to other editions is the collaboration with the Madrid City Council and specifically with its Convention Boureau that through its LEGACY project will help us bring health information closer to citizens, with various enclaves located in the city oral.

As active members of our profession who work every day to make the congress motto, towards the happy patient, come true, we want you to accompany us to experience SEPES MADRID 2021. The congress in which we will unite science and humanism. Your congress !!!!!!

Dr. Guillermo Pradíes

President of Congress

Organising committee

Presidente: Guillermo Pradíes Ramiro
Vicepresidente: Rafael Martínez de Fuentes
Secretario: Eva Rosel
Tesorera: Marta Romeo
Vocal: Mª Paz Salido
Vocal: Marisol Ucha
Vocal: Gabriel García

Scientific Committee

Presidente: Jaime Jiménez García
Vocal: Jaime Gil
Vocal: Francisco Martínez Rus
Vocal: Sandra Fernández
Vocal: María Jesús Suárez
Vocal: Jaime del Río
Vocal: José Manuel Navarro

Board of Directors of SEPES

Last SEPES Congress: SEPES IFED Barcelona 2019

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