Visa Information/Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter to the Congress

Attendees who need a Letter of Invitation for administrative or visa issues can send a request to

So that we can send it to you, you must send us to this email address, your visa letter request for the congress, including:

  • Copy of your Passport*
  • Expected date of entry to the country / Expected date of departure of the country
  • Reserved hotel address (Attach reservation)
  • Congress ID number (Only invitations will be accepted and processed in the case of paid registrations)
  • Country and current residence address

(*) Must be in possession of a valid passport to enter Spain. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Spain.


Invitation letters will only be offered in English and Spanish.

Date of Delivery

The deadline for sending applications for an Invitation Letter is July 31, 2019. No letter will be processed after that date.


The preparation of the invitation letter has no cost for the congressman.

The costs related to the preparation and processing of the visa must be paid and contracted directly with embassies, consulates or specialized agencies. SEPES does not offer the service of coordination with the embassies and consulates, it only offers the service of elaboration of letter of invitation to the congress.

SEPES reserves the right of admission to the congress, in case of detecting false requests. The authorities will be informed to the relevant authorities about these requests.

Invitation letters will be signed by the technical secretariat of the event. Not by the board of directors or committee members.

The processing of the invitation letter will only be done via email and individually, in no case will be offered group invitation letters.

The letter will only be sent in pdf. In the case of modifying the original document SEPES reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities.

List of countries with a visa need for entry in Spain

Citizens of the following countries need visa management to travel to Spain, requesting it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation:

Afghanistan Congo Jordan Nepal Sudan
Albania North Korea Kazajstan Niger Surinam
Angola Ivory Coast Kenya Nigeria Suazilandia
Saudi Arabia; Cuba Kirguistan Oman Thailand
Algeria Yibuti Kiribati Pakistan Tanzania
Armenia Ecuador Kuwait Palau Tayikistan
Azerbaiyan Egypt Laos Papua New Guinea Timor oriental
Bahrain United Arab Emirates Lesoto Peru Togo
Bangladesh Eritrea Lebanon Qatar Tonga
Belorussia Ethiopia Liberia Central African Republic Trinidad
Belice The Philippines Libya Democratic Republic of the Congo Tobago
Benin Fiji Madagascar Dominican Republic Tunisia
Butan Gabon Malawi Russia Turkmenistan
Myanmar Gambia The Maldives Islands Rwanda Turkey
Bolivia Georgia Mali Solomon Islands Tuvalu
Bosnia-Herzegovina Ghana Northern Mariana Islands Samoa Ukraine
Botsuana Granada Guinea Morocco Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Uganda
Burkina Faso Guinea Bissau Marshall Islands Saint Lucia Uzbekistan
Burundi Equatorial Guinea Mauritania Saint Tome and Principe Vanuatu
Cabo Verde Guyana Micronesia Senegal Vietnam
Camboya Haiti Moldavia Serbia Yemen
Cameroon India Mongolia Sierra Leone Zambia
Chad Indonesia Montenegro Syria Zimbabue
China Iran Mozambique Somalia ex. Rp. Yug. of macedonia
Colombia Iraq Namibia Sri Lanka
Comoras Jamaica Nauru South Africa

The list exposed by SEPES, is merely informative. Consult your Ministry of Foreign Affairs to analyse the requirements to access Spain.