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In compliance with the 34/2002 Society of Information and Electronic Commerce Services of 11th of June, we inform the user that the owner of the website is part of the society SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE PROTESIS ESTOMATOLOGICA (SEPES) and his identification details are:


Registered office: C/ Rey Francisco, 14 – 5 Dch

Postcode: 28008 Población: Madrid Provincia: Madrid

CIF: G79190344

Email address:

1. Accessing the website

The Legal Notice regulates the access and use of the Users to the website and has as its purpose to promote the services and products of the entity and allow the general access of every Internet user.

The access and/or use of the Web assigns to those who access/use it the User status and the acceptance, with no limit whatsoever, of each of the general terms, together with other specific terms which, if applicable, rule the use of the Portal or the services linked to it.

The user must read carefully the Legal Notice and the Privacy and Cookies Policies when he decides to use the Website, since SEPES reserves the right to make, at any moment and without need of prior communication, any modification or update of the contents and services, of the provisions of access and use and, in general, of any element part of the design and configuration of its Website. If you do not accept the terms of access and use, please refrain from using the Website and its content.


2. Use of the website

The User commits to make a diligent use of the Website and the information relating to its services and/or activities, with an absolute compliance with the relevant rules, the morality and good manners generally accepted and the public order, the terms of access and use and any other terms established in the Website.

Moreover, the User commits to refrain from using any of the contents with illegal purposes or effects, prohibited in this text, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties or which may in any other way harm, disable, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the contents, other Users or any other Internet user (hardware and software).


3. Functioning of the website

In case of breach of the conditions of the Legal Notice or the Privacy and Cookies Policies, SEPES reserves the right to limit, suspend and/or bar the access to its Website, adopting any other technical measures necessary for its respect. SEPES will do its best to keep the Website in good functioning, by avoiding errors, fixing them when necessary and regularly updating the contents of the Website. However, SEPES does not guarantee the availability and continuity in the access to the Website or the inexistence of errors in the content.


4. Responsibility

The user is the solely responsible for his use of any information or mechanism of the Website.

SEPES will not be liable for any harm to the User’s hardware and/or software derived from the access and use of the Website. Likewise, it will not be liable for the damage that may be occasioned by the access and/or use of the information of the Website, and in particular those which might be caused to IT systems or those caused by virus and/or cyber attacks, crashes, interruptions, absence or defect in the communications and/or Internet.

The User will be liable for any of the damages that SEPES might suffer as a result of the breach of any of his obligations arising from the Legal Notice, the relevant rules and the Privacy and Cookies Policy.


5. Policy on “Links” (linked and linker Website)

Linking Website

Third parties intending to include a link in any webpage of this Website must act in compliance with the relevant applicable rules and cannot link inappropriate, illegal, pornographic, violent etc. contents.

SEPES will not be liable for the content of the Website nor promotes, guarantees, supervise or recommend its contents.

If the linker Website breaches any of the aforementioned conditions it will be obliged to remove the link immediately.

Linked Website

In this Website it is possible to include links to third parties’ websites that allow the User to access them. However, SEPES declines responsibility for the content of these linked websites. The User will be responsible for accepting and checking the access every time he accesses.

Those links or mentions have a purpose that does not imply any support, approvement, commercialisation or relationship between the website and the individuals or entities who are owners of the sites in which they are to be found.


6. Intellectual and industrial Property over the contents.

SEPES and its licensors are the holders of all the intellectual property rights over the Contents of the Website. These Contents include the designs, database, underlying computer programs (front code included), together with the different elements which complement the Website (texts, graphics, photographs, videos, colours, etc.), structure, order, etc. Regarding the brands and commercial names (“distinctive features”), they are owned by SEPES or its licensors.

The use of the Website by the User does not imply the transfer of any intellectual or industrial property right. The User cannot reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or in any other way communicate publicly, transform or modify the Contents of the distinctive Features, except for when the authorisation of the holder of the relevant rights is given or this is legally permitted.


7. Publicity

It is possible to include publicity or sponsored contents in the Website. The advertisers or sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material forwarded for inclusion on the Website is in compliance with the law that might be relevant.

SEPES will not be liable for any mistake, inaccuracy or irregularity that the publicity or sponsored contents might contain.


8. Applicable legislation

The Legal Notice will be applied and interpreted in conformity with the Spanish legislation.

The resolution of any conflict that might be derived from the access to the website will be submitted to the relevant courts and tribunals in compliance with the rules on consumers and users.


9. Contact

For any query or comment about this legal notice you can contact us using the email



Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Reglamento (UE) 2016/679, 27th April 2016, regarding the protection of natural people in the processing of personal data and free circulation of these data and subsidiarily in that not regulated, the Ley Orgánica 3/2018 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal y Garantía de los Derechos Digitales, SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE PROTESIS ESTOMATOLOGICA (hereafter SEPES) advices the Users navigating and accessing on the processing of the personal data::

Basic Information on Data Protection
C/ Rey Francisco, 14 – 5Dch – 28008 Madrid (Madrid)

Manage the data to which the company has access as a consequence of the navigation, query and/or request, as well as the hiring of services through the website.

Likewise the collected data will be processed for the management of the organisation of congress and other activities in line with its social purpose, such as the sending of commercial electronic communications about the events related with its social purpose that might have an interest for the person.

LegitimisationConsent of the individual concerned (art. 6.1.a RGPD) and legitimate interest of the Person Responsible for the Processing (art. 6.1.f RGPD)
RecipientsThe data can be transferred or communicated to third parties either natural or juridical persons, public or private, for the fulfilment of the goals directly related to the provision of those services previously cited, or in case that it turns out to be mandatory according to the compliance with a legal rule. Apart from these cases, for any other communication of data, the consent of the individual concerned will be requested.
RightsAccess, modify and remove data, together with the other rights established in the Reglamento (UE) 679/2016 addressing to C/Rey Francisco, 14 – 5Dch – 28008 Madrid (Madrid) or to this email address: For both ways of communication, a copy of your DNI/passport is needed.
ConservationIf the user just makes a query his data will not be used for purposes other than give an answer. On the other hand, the firm will stop using your data as user of the social media as soon as you stop following the account. As for the data needed for the management of any service, such as the attendance to events, these will stop being used after a year of the celebration of the event, except when the owner of the data has authorised the remission of publicity and information, or the communication of his data to third parties.

Before sending any request of information using the contact form of this website the user must accept the privacy policy and its terms and conditions of use, in order to give express and informed consent for the processing of data with the indicated purposes.

Is it mandatory to provide all the information requested in the contact section?

As for the contact forms on the “Contact” section, the User must fill in those fields marked as “mandatory”. Failure to fill in the requested personal data or to do so only partly may cause SEPES’ inability to respond to your queries. As a consequence, SEPES will not be liable for any responsibility arising from the partial or complete non-provision of the requested services.

The personal data which the User provides to SEPES must be real and current for the records to be updated and without mistakes. The User will be liable for the truthfulness of the provided data.

As regards the registration forms for congresses and other events organised by SEPES, the individual concerned must fill in every field, as well as the authorisations that may be requested.

Which measures have you implemented?

SEPES informs you that it has implemented the necessary measures of technical and organisational nature to ensure the safety of the User’s personal data and to avoid the unauthorised alteration, lost, processing and/or access of those data in accordance with the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, either coming from human activity or the natural and physical environment, in compliance with what is stipulated by the applicable regulations.

Social media

SEPES is present in the social media in order to post and distribute the information about the services provided through the website, interact with the users and serve as a channel of attention and social interaction.

SEPES has a public account in the following social media:

Cookies policy

What are the cookies and why are they used in this website?

A cookie is a file which is downloaded on the user’s device to access a certain website in order to store and retrieve information on the navigation of the computer.

Cookies allow this website, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the options and habits of the user. In the website, the existing cookies are necessary for its functioning.

It is important to note that the use of cookies does not provide user’s personal data.

What type of cookies does this website use?

Cookies, depending on the time for which they remain activated, can be subdivided in session cookies and persistent cookies.

  • Session cookies: Session cookies are those which only last the period in which the user is navigating the website and are erased when the user closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies remain stored on the user’s device for a longer period, thus helping to control the preferences chosen without need to repeat certain parameters every time the website is visited.

In this website we use both session and persistent cookies. Moreover, depending on the company managing the cookies they can be classified as first party or third party cookies. In this website, we use both first party and third party cookies.

First party cookies are those which are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from the computer or domain managed by the editor himself and from which the service requested by the user is provided. On the other hand, third party cookies are those sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain which is not managed by the editor, but by other entity which processes the data obtained through the cookies.

In terms of purpose, the type of cookies which are used in this website are analysis cookies. They are those which allow the track and analysis of the users’ behaviour in the website to which they are linked. The information collected with this cookies is used in the mediation of the activity of the websites, application or platform, and for the elaboration of navigation profiles of the users of those websites, applications and platforms, with the purpose of introducing improvements depending on the analysis of the usage data made by the users of the service.

We use third party cookies to compile visitors statistics, such as how many people have visited our website, what type of technology they are using or how, how long they spend in the website, which webpage they are watching, etc. This helps us to keep improving our website and to provide a better user experience.

NameProviderPurposeExpiration term
_gacongresosepes.orgCookie used by Google Analytics to identify sessions.2 years
_gatcongresosepes.orgCookie used by Google Analytics to identify and distinguish sessions.10 minutes
_gidcongresosepes.orgCookie used by Google Analytics to identify sessions.24 hours
has_jscongresosepes.orgThis Cookie allows knowing whether the user has activated JavaScript on the browser.Sesión


How to disable cookies in your browser?

The user can set up his browser in order to disallow the use of cookies. In this case, the personalisation of the experience does not apply. If you select this setting you will not be able to access certain sections of the website, since it can cause a less efficient navigation.

Most browsers allow the user to decide whether to accept cookies and which ones. This option can be found in the «parameters» or the «Preferences» menu in your browser.

These are the instructions to set up the cookies for the main browsers:

  • Chrome: Settings → Advanced settings →  Privacy and security → Content setting → Cookies. For more information contact Google Help or your browser Help.
  • Firefox: Tools → Settings → Privacy and Security → History → Settings. For more information contact Mozilla Help or your browser Help.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Advanced. Fore more information contact Microsoft technical support or your browser Help.
  • Safari: Safari → Preferences → Privacy. For more information, contact Apple technical support or your browser Help.

Additional information

For more information on the use of cookies and how to block them, visit, If you have any other query or comment about our use of cookies, contact us on

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