José Manuel Navarro, presidente de SEPES

Welcome to SEPES Gran Canaria

Dear friend,

From 13 to 15 October 2022 we will celebrate the 50+1 SEPES Annual Congress, a date that will give its members and the industry the opportunity to meet again in Gran Canaria 27 years after Dr. José Manuel Navarro Alonso, my father, chaired the 25th SEPES Congress in 1995.

There are many important reasons that make me feel immensely honoured to call you to this event. With the slogan 50+1 years together; How did we do it? How do we do it? How will we do it? We will bring to the Canary Islands the latest scientific and technological advances related to prosthodontics and dental aesthetics from the hand of the most outstanding national and international speakers. It will be a congress that will attract the interest of clinicians, technicians and the dental industry, with a programme aimed at dentists, laboratory technicians, dental hygienists and auxiliary personnel from clinics.

I invite you to participate and enjoy a meeting that promises to be memorable.

Dr. José Manuel Navarro Martínez. President of the 50+1 SEPES Congress

Organising committee

President: José Manuel Navarro
Vicepresident: Pablo Ramírez
Secretary: Jaime Jiménez
Treasurer: Nacho Rodríguez
Committee member: Alfonso Gil
Committee member: Sofía Navarro
Committee member: Francisco Naveiras

Scientific Committee

President: José Manuel Navarro
Committee member: Pablo Ramírez
Committee member: Jaime Jiménez
Committee member: Alfonso Gil
Committee member: Carlos Manrique
Committee member: David García Baeza
Committee member: Bruno Pereira